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Business Meeting

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Looking to architect a new future for your business? Searching for new ways to grow your business? Justin Bokor Advisory has a set of proprietary frameworks and methodologies to help you uncover new possibilities and craft a dynamic plan for growth.

Our services include the Future Readiness Index, a unique tool and set of data to help universities and other public sector organisations examine their readiness for short-term shocks and adaptability to drivers of change in the decade ahead.

CEOs, CFOs and Boards hire Justin Bokor to model their financial resilience and exposure to downside scenarios and shocks. Justin advises on ways to mitigate the key risks and simple mechanisms to build readiness. He also has deep expertise on incorporating non-financial criteria and externalities into business cases and investment decision making.

Justin Bokor Advisory’s offerings include the Financial Resilience Report, tailored to the needs of CFOs in the higher education sector.

Looking for advice on your organisation structure? Wanting to optimise how your teams work together? Justin Bokor is a highly-regarded advisor to senior executives on organisational structures and ways of working, deploying a principles-based approach to build consensus and diminish the risk of turf wars.

Justin Bokor Advisory also has recognised expertise in operating model design, including extensive sets of industry case studies and data on operating cost ratios, management layers and spans of control.

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